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    1. How to Navigate This Course

    2. Welcome to Wax Carving 101!

    3. Going over the tools

    4. What kind of wax should you get?

    5. List of tools and links to purchase

    6. What We will Make in This Course

    7. Safety First!

    1. Setting up your saw frame and saw blade

    2. Setting up your template on the wax

    1. Cutting out the wax shape

    2. Filing the Shape and taking off wax

    1. Refining the shape using the file

    2. Making the hole for the bail

    3. Hollowing out the shape

    4. Forming and shaping the bail

    5. Blending the bail and the pendant

    6. Refine the shape of your pendant using sandpaper

    7. Polishing the Wax

    1. Design Ideas and Process - a few prompts

    2. Embellish and decorate the wax - design #1

    3. Embellish and decorate the wax - Design #2

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