Course curriculum

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    1. Intro to Flush Setting with Sharon Z

    2. Safety First!

    1. An Introduction to flush setting tools

    2. Updated Essential Tool List with Links

    3. Prepping your tools and measuring your stone

    4. Bonus Content - How to Read Vernier or Analog Calipers

    5. Drilling holes and best practices

    6. Bur your seat - Burnish over that stone!

    7. Flush Setting - a step-by-step printable guide

    1. A few notes before this lesson

    2. Extra Burnishing video lesson - Part 1

    3. Extra burnishing video lesson - Part 2

    4. Burnishing - a step-by-step printable guide

    1. Congrats! You've completed the course

    2. Bonus Content - 3 Flush Settings in 10 minutes!

    3. Bonus Content - Tools to make your process easier!

    4. Bonus Content - Quick Release Handpiece

About this course

  • $59.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Make Your Jewelry Even Better

Flush setting is a skill that elevates your jewelry to a higher level

  • Find out what tips, tricks and tools will help you find ease in the process

  • Demystify this skill and learn how to incorporate it into your own work

  • Add interest and refinement to your jewelry-making