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    1. Intro - Welcome to Wax Carving Using Your Flex Shaft

    2. Safety First! Watch these important safety instructions before you get started

    3. Intermediate Wax Carving - a printable guide

    4. Wax Carving Tools - what you'll need

    1. Prep it! Prep your wax - Make it even and centered

    2. Pop it in! Insert in the Collets - Part 1

    3. Pop it in again! Insert in the collets - Part 2 - the alternative method

    1. Spin it! Put your Flex Shaft to Use

    2. Trim it! Get your wax where you need it

    3. Cut it! Cut multiple ring blanks

    1. Cut it! Cut the Inside First

    2. Shape it! Trim and shape the outside and the inside

    3. FINISH HIM! Cut it off the cylinder

    1. Turning a bezel

    1. Great job!

    2. Bonus video - attaching the bezel to the band in the wax - use a wax pen

    3. Bonus video - Reading non-digital calipers

    4. Resource List of Casters and Questions to ask

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