Course curriculum

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    1. Preview of Solid Gold Email Marketing

    1. Welcome!

    2. Practical notes before you get started

    3. Getting started - the best time is now

    1. Jewelry is Different - why other strategies might not work for us

    2. Touches - what are they and how do they work for us?

    1. Intro to Consent and why it matters

    2. Building Trust with Consent

    3. Transparency is good

    4. Links to learn more

    1. How are social media and email different

    2. What's your function? How social media and email function differently

    3. Email First Strategy

    4. Writing Prompts

    5. Writing more for email newsletters - the creative practice

    6. Writing your emails - details, plans, and tasks

    7. Your downloadable editorial calendar and resources

    8. Emails That Work!

    9. Best Practices Checklist

    10. Alt-text - what it is and why it matters and how to write it

    1. What is your frequency for sending emails?

    2. Streamline the Process and chill out with automation

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